Greece’s 2021 Tourism Season is Still Going On

The government's market strategy for the next year aims to attract more visitors in all 12 months of the year.

“The tourism season in Greece is still actively under way,” Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Tuesday in an interview with Skai TV.

“Greek tourism is not switching to ‘autopilot,’ nor did it do so last year. A very great effort has been made in the midst of the pandemic and it is clearly a result of the efforts of hoteliers, the transport sector, people who work in the tourism professions, airlines, tour operators, the country’s advertising campaign, the visitors, and the sustainable tourist product,” Kikilias said.


Referring to the country’s communication strategy, he noted that two campaigns will take place this year.

“One will be now, in November, December and January and will focus on alternative destinations, as well as city breaks… The second big campaign will take place in February and March, when the big packages for summer tourism are booked. Our goal is a holistic plan for a comprehensive policy that will attract more visitors in all 12 months of the year,” Kikilias underlined.

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