Greek City Becomes Member of Unesco’s Network of Gastronomy

Thessaloniki has become the first Greek city to join Unesco's Network of Creative Cities of Gastronomy.

Creative Cities of Gastronomy, a network of cities boasting a long gastronomic tradition, promotes cultural diversity and sustainable urban development, aiming to facilitate the exchange of experiences, gastronomical expertise, and resources between member cities. 

At the same time, it acts as a catalyst for the wider region’s creative, social, and economic potential. “The benefits of such membership are enormous for each city selected by Unesco,” Deputy Minister of Tourism, Sophia Zacharaki, said about the distinction.

The membership adds to the momentum of Thessaloniki, which, in combination with its 15 Unesco monuments, has all the potential to develop and become an even more prominent tourist- and cultural destination.

“Thessaloniki’s distinction and its selection by Unesco is a great source of joy for us, but also a vindication of the many months of effort we have devoted to disseminating information, ensuring coordination and all that was required to support the interested municipalities in the creation and submission of their applications,” the Deputy Minister pointed out.

The mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas, said that “we prepared and submitted a complete portfolio that highlighted, among other things, the history of the city, our gastronomic tradition as it has been shaped over the centuries, the international work of the scientific and research community in the field of food, as well as the creative potential of the city.”

He concluded: “After all, gastronomy is a key competitive advantage of Thessaloniki – our city is at a crossroads of flavors and cultures, and now it has Unesco’s seal of approval. Good local cuisine is financially rewarded and enhances the travel experience.”

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