The Glory of the Ordinary: Video Captures Joys of Pre-Covid Greek Life

Kathimerini invited readers to share video and images of their pre-Covid life. The resulting video is a moving homage to the joys of ordinary Greek life.

By Marianna Kakaounaki, Maria Katsounaki

A few days ago, Kathimerini extended a different kind of invitation to readers. It asked them to share a memory from life before the coronavirus for which they were nostalgic.

There was a large response, with readers sending photographs, videos and writings from all over Greece and abroad.

The material captured moments with family, friends, Sunday lunches and village fiestas, parties, concerts, shows and moments that we could never have imagined we would miss, like a commute on the metro or a wait for the school bus.

Kathimerini’s video captures its readers’ part in our collective need to rediscover our lives as they were before.

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