La Repubblica Raves About Greece

The Italian newspaper recommends Greece's many islands and centers upon the multifaceted qualities of Astypalea.

The Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” has published a tribute to Greece, stating that “it’s no exaggeration to say that Greece is the most ideal place in the world for holidays, with more than 200 dream islands, in a nation that is the cradle of Western civilization and the home of democracy.”

The newspaper goes on to recommend the most valuable of Greece’s “unknown treasures” that are best suited to Italian travellers, such as the Cycladic, Dodecanese and Ionian islands, with Astypalea named as the most ideal destination of all.


La Repubblica writes that Astypalaea is perfect for hikers and nature lovers, and that it will “lead” visitors to a future of sustainability through its pioneering “green” projects. The article also praises the island for being a paradise of historical monuments, picturesque villages, wonderful beaches, unparalleled gastronomy, and fine local food products.

In a recent statement, the Mayor of Astypalaea Nikos Komeneas, said: “The quality of services, variety of options, authenticity and natural beauty, ecological initiatives and our other actions to improve accessibility have all contributed to the expansion of the tourist season with a greater travel flow to the island from Greece and abroad”.

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