Le Figaro Praises Lipsi’s Sunset Weddings

The quiet and exotic Dodecanese island is lauded for its inhabitants' respect of their home's natural splendor and low-key romantic weddings.

Popular French publication Le Figaro has published an article praising the lesser-known Dodecanese island of Lipsi for its discreet and almost secret presence, where beach bars, organized sunbeds and all-inclusive hotels have no place.

The feature expressively lauds the island’s exotic beauty and the alternative philosophy of its inhabitants in terms of ecology and nature-based activities. It also makes a special mention of the Church of Panagia tis Charos and the traditional events that take place in August.


“Lipsi for the coming months will have an occupancy rate close to 100%. Our recent call of saying ‘no’ to sunbeds and artificial luxuries has not only not discouraged some people, but on the contrary, has raised people’s interest in discovering authentic experiences away from excesses,” said Lipsi Mayor Fotis Magos.

Indeed, a new trend of small weddings has emerged on the island, with ceremonies taking place in “exotic” locations without any of the expensive festivities that usually accompany such events. Several days ago, the island’s mayor married locals Harry and Nasia with the sunset featuring as the main “decoration” to mark the celebration of their union, in a no-frills party that went on until the early hours.

“The demand for weddings is returning due to the relaxation of restrictions. However, more and more young couples are looking for something special in our country without extreme expenses and months of planning,” the mayor said of the event.


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