Lipsi in the Top 10 Alternative Destinations in the World

The tiny Dodecanese island of Lipsi features on an Italian travel blog’s list of the top global destinations for travelers seeking authenticity and adventure.

Lipsi is among the 10 best alternative destinations in the world, according to, one of the most popular travel blogs in Italy.

The list is the first to be published this year, with suggestions for all seasons, encouraging Italians to travel after two years of strict restrictions.


“Lipsi means authentic Greece,” quotes the author of the article and vice-president of the National Union of Italian Bloggers, Alessandro Bertini, who has previously traveled to the island.

He adds that “on the island of Calypso, the beaches, the local cuisine, the activities and the sea excursions leave the visitor speechless.” In addition, the list includes Lapland, historic Seville, romantic Parma, South Holland, the Alps, the adventurous Wild West, fabulous Tuscany, and the castles of Transylvania and Ancona.

“Lipsi remained a popular destination last summer, exceeding 90% of the arrivals of 2019 at the peak period, not only for Greeks but also for travelers from abroad. Italians especially have always placed us at the top of their preferences, thanks to our targeted strategy,” responded the mayor of Lipsi, Fotis Maggos.

Source: AMNA

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