Michelin Guide to Boost Greek Gastro Tourism

A deal made with the French culinary guidebooks will bring their expert reviewers to Athens.

The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) is betting on Greece as a gastro destination. Signing a deal with the iconic Michelin Guide last week in Paris, Secretary General Dimitris Fragakis said: “Today’s agreement between GNTO and Michelin is a big step for the promotion of Greek gastronomy internationally. Our collaboration with the most recognized gastronomy organization in the world creates the conditions for Greece to change gears in this sector.”

“We have been working on the framework of our cooperation for about two years, under adverse conditions due to the pandemic,” he added, before thanking the Greek and French executives responsible for working out the deal, as well as two of Greece’s Michelin-awarded chefs, Angelos Lantos and Ettore Botrini, whom he said inspired him to go after a deal with the brand.


The Greek is among the most popular cuisines in the world, famous for its beloved traditional food and tavernas. In addition, both cities and islands are home to plenty of fine-dining restaurants, and Athens already has 21 restaurants listed in the Michelin guide, six of which boast Michelin stars (one of them, Spondi, has two). The new agreement includes a broad plan to promote Greek gastronomy internationally through the guide, by bringing their expert reviewers to the country.

Greece’s Tourism Minister, Vasilis Kikilias, who was also in Paris for the signing of the deal and for the IFTM Top Resa tourism trade show, expressed hope that the collaboration will “officially place Greece, and especially Athens, on the global map of haute cuisine.”

“Within the next two years, Greece will have its own iconic Michelin Guide,” he added, explaining: “Michelin’s experts will research the restaurants of the city and its famous Riviera, and share their experiences on the guide’s website and social media. We are sure that this venture is only the beginning which will bring about the emergence of more and more culinary destinations throughout Greece.”

Source: GNTO

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