Photographer Dimitris Vlaikos’ Book “MYRMIDONES” Reflects on Aegina

The acclaimed photographer shares his perspectives, inspiration and vision in a collection of images captured on his native Aegina over the last 20 years.

With a signature style that reflects his ability to capture the essence and soul of his subject, in a book of 89 pictures across 178 pages, Dimitris Vlaikos focusses his lens on the individuals who have crossed his path on the Saronic island where he grew up, the Myrmidons of Aegina.

In an evocative collection of images, the viewer joins the photographer in interacting with and getting to know the islanders who feature in his portraits as they go about their daily life, as well as the environment in which they exist.

Through these works, we are encouraged to reflect on notions of past and present, the static and the living, the natural and the man-made.

Dimitris Vlaikos is an Athens-Based photographer who specializes in portraiture, having photographed some of Greece’s most acclaimed personalities among a multitude of other subjects. He also collaborates with a large number of global and local publications and other agencies.

His ambience-rich photography depicts authentic, timeless scenes, often revealing rare moments that eyes can easily miss. His talent for capturing the depth and dimensions of his subjects is evident in the book, which is a testament to his personal connection with the spirit of Aegina and its inhabitants. 

In “MYRMIDONES,” Vlaikos expresses the desire to discover how his experiences make up a memory that shapes and affects his perspective and aesthetic approach to his work. 



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