#OhMyGreece: New Video Seeks to Put Greek Summer in a Soundtrack

A new video from Discover Greece takes the viewer from the sea to the mountain tops, and seeks to unlock the feeling of summer holidays through your ears.

A new promotional video from Discover Greece, created by Mike Bekos, aims to “unlock the feeling” of Greece. It features locals guiding a tourist to all the best the country has to offer; he swims in the sea, discovers natural wonders, feeds goats, learns traditional dancing, sniffs Greek wine and dunks bread into olive oil. It’s a simple enough concept – one that anyone who has visited Greece can relate to, and is paired with the memorable hashtag #OhMyGreece.

Within five hours of posting the video on Instagram (@discover.greece), it had been viewed more than 15,000 times, and commenters were excited, applauding the effort and requesting the name of the song.

The soundtrack is an important feature of the video, which begins with a Greek man walking up to a tourist on the beach, handing him his headphones and urging him to listen.

“Imagine hearing a song that instantly reminds you of being in Greece,” begins the video description. Yet in a refreshing change, the song we hear is not traditional Greek music. It sounds strangely familiar, while at the same time being impossible to place.

“Is this Cat Stevens?” one commenter asked. No, the song is “Feeling Free”, produced by Rabbeats, a four-year-old Greek company that specializes in creating soundtracks for commercials, and sung by Thanassis Papathanasiou.

“We opted to go in a different direction than the expected bouzouki music,” says Rabbeats founder Stratos Diamantis. “We wrote a modern song that foreign visitors might actually listen to while in Greece.”

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