Onassis Stegi Asks Businesses to Join Rainbow Flag Campaign

Stores feature stickers from the Athens Home for All campaign in their windows in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Athenians and visitors to Athens may have noticed bright pops of color in store windows throughout the city over the last couple of weeks. Rainbow flag stickers, provided by the organizers of the campaign Athens Home for All (Onassis Stegi, Technopolis, the City of Athens, Athens Pride and Google) are being placed in the windows in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

As a result of the overwhelming positive response to the campaign, which was first launched in September last year, the Onassis Stegi released a new promotional video on June 25th (June is Pride Month), which now boasts over 60,000 views, featuring actress Maria Nafpliotou as the voice of the city of Athens, describing it’s citizens: “My people embrace all colors. They welcome you – open the door for you. They raise flags without fear. My people believe in beauty beyond gender. They understand you, even if they don’t speak your language.” The campaign’s initial promotional video has over 800.000 views.

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In addition, the organizers are encouraging all businesses in the city of Athens to display Pride flags with the campaign slogan in their windows, and post photos of them on Instagram using the official hashtag, #AthensHomeForAll.

“Cultural organizations, pharmacies, taxis, cafés, bars, florists, auto repair shops, clothes stores, hair salons, and hotels in every neighborhood across Athens are prominently displaying the “Athens Home for All” sticker in order to share a message of acceptance and inclusion,” the Onassis Stegi website states. “The ‘Athens Home for All’ message is being shared throughout the city so that we can all feel safe being ourselves.”

Business owners can request their stickers here (link in Greek).

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