#ProjectPiato: Group Exhibition at the Benaki Museum Shop

Over 70 Greek artists and designers contribute to a collection of unique ceramics for sale at the Ghika Gallery, in support of promoting traditional handicraft.

The Benaki Museum Shop is presenting a unique collection of ceramics created for the museum by Greek artists and designers.

With the goal of preserving and promoting traditional handicraft techniques which are slowly disappearing in today’s society, the third annual completion of the museum’s “#Project” initiative is titled “#ProjectPIATO,” meaning project plate. For its execution, collaborating artists were provided with a ceramic plate, and given free hands to create anything with it. The result is a series of collectible dishes in diverse styles, made using a plethora of techniques and materials.

The dishes will be exhibited, and for sale in the shop of the Ghika Gallery from Tuesday November 23, until Monday November 29. After that, they will be divided up to be sold at the other shops of the Benaki Museum.

All proceeds from the sales will be used to support the Mentis-Antonopoulos Spinning Project (NIMA), focused on the preservation of traditional crafts. You can read about that here.

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