Rapper Rick Ross Lives the ‘Boss’ Life in Music Video “Santorini Greece”

The new music video by the rapper features plenty of champagne, bling and beautiful women set against the backdrop of Santorini's stunning vistas.

A heavyweight in the US hip-hop scene, rapper Rick Ross clearly relishes his image as a high-rolling kingpin. And how better to highlight his life as a self-described ‘boss’ and ‘mastermind’ than via a jaunt to the Mediterranean jewel of Santorini.

Ross’ latest video sees the sometimes shirtless, sometimes silken-garbed rapper growling about “dealing yayo” and the “multiple weapons in my Gucci boots” on the stunning cliffs of the volcanic island, and cruising on a luxury yacht along with a bevy of attractive women and an ample supply of champagne.

The bank account done caught the Holy Ghost / I say the bank account done caught the Holy Ghost / Hot pastrami for my Jewish chicks / Eight days of Christmas, every day a newer gift,” Ross raps.

The song may be named after the Greek island although it is not entirely clear why, as he only mentions it twice in passing such as in the lyric, “Rich forever, killa take my old advice / Better yet, take my old bitches and mold ’em right / And if I want her back I come and take her back / Santorini Greece, I put it on the map.”

While we’re pretty sure that Santorini Greece was on many maps before Ross name-checked it, the gorgeously-shot video does ample justice to the island’s beauty. Perhaps the whole point of the video is that Ross just wanted to visit Santorini, and thought to kill two birds with one stone (and who could blame him). The video even includes some local color, as in a close-up shot of the face of a world-weary elderly woman (who doesn’t seem too impressed by Ross) and a small child to whom Ross benevolently gives what appears to be a 200 euro note.

Santorini, Greece with a dime piece / My money long, you know I’m out your reach,” Ross raps.

Ross even takes his rapping and dancing into a church in a move that raised a few hackles in the Greek press – although judging from his song, accusations of inappropriate church behaviour would be the least of the  troubles of the “Big Boss”.

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