Revamp at Plato’s Academy Gets Green Light

A radical overhaul has been planned for Akadimia Platonos, the site of Plato's Academy, including the opening of a new museum.

The Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Athens and the Academy of Athens on Wednesday signed a cooperation agreement that paves the way for a radical overhaul of Akadimia Platonos, a 135,000-square meter recreational park and archaeological site in western Athens that was the site of Plato’s Academy.

Once the revamp is complete, the area will also host a museum. Much of the expanse belongs to the Academy of Athens thanks to a donation by architect Panagiotis Aristofron, who began buying up buildings in the area – one of the poorest parts of Athens – in 1929 to demolish them and allow the excavation of the academy founded by Plato around 387 BC and which was attended, among others, by Aristotle.


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