Sailing the Greek Isles: Sound Advice from Bloomberg

US media giant Bloomberg has published an article paying tribute to Greece's maritime tourism, predicting burgeoning demand this summer.

A tribute to Greece’s sailing and maritime tourism has been published by Bloomberg, entitled “How to sail around the Greek islands this summer.”

As the author of the article points out, the official reopening of Greek tourism on May 14 allows all interested parties to visit Greece and experience exciting moments of adventure in the Greek seas – “to live their own Odyssey” she writes characteristically – only on the condition of a negative PCR test.

However, with 10,000 miles of coastline and 6,000 islands in total – only 227 of which are habitable – good preparation is needed before the journey begins.

The tribute “maps” the marine tourism attractions and sings the praise for the always popular Cyclades, the authentic Dodecanese, the refreshing Northern Sporades, the special islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf and the green Ionian Islands.

But she points out that the weather and winds are unpredictable and can significantly affect the route and course of the boat while “some of the most long-awaited experiences in Greece – such as eating in a tucked-away taverna on a ‘secret’ beach – require the improvisation of a skilful skipper”.

The article then gives information on the types of boats that one can rent in Greece and indicative prices while highlighting: “Whatever course you set, expect a warm welcome”.

Source: ANA-Athens-Macedonian News Agency, Bloomberg

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