Virtual Antiquity: See the Parthenon Marbles in 360 Video

Be transported to Room 18 in the British Museum where Greece's most famous sculptures are kept.

The technology of virtual reality may still be in its relatively early days, but it looks set to revolutionize the ways that we can experience museum exhibits and cultural sites from afar. Soon the rudimentary ‘virtual tours’ many museums have on their websites will likely seem dated and obsolete, pushed out by the far more immersive experiences available via virtual reality headsets.

An early taste of the potential for this technology can be seen in the video above. Created by VR360 Immersive Media, a Greece-based team, the short 2-minute video published last week offers 360 degree views of Room 18 in the British Museum, where the Parthenon Sculptures (aka the Elgin Marbles) are on display.

Just by clicking on the video above one can look around the hall as if you were actually there. Better yet, put on a virtual reality headset (or VR goggles that work with a mobile phone such as Google Cardboard) and be transported to London.

So now regardless of whether you believe the sculptures should stay in London or be returned to Athens, you can enjoy the experience of visiting them from the comfort of your own home.

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