Sunny and Cheap Destinations: Greek Island in Top 10

The island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese, was found to be among the best places for sunseekers on a budget.

A new study conducted by ParkSleepFly, found a Greek destination to be the world’s 8th cheapest destination for sunseekers.

While Greece has been actively working towards attracting more high-income tourists and raising the average per capita expenditure per visit, a lot of budget options are still available to travelers, both as far as accommodation, and destinations in general, with less busy islands and mainland destinations often offering lower prices.  

The island listed as the cheap option for travelers in the particular study in question, however, is no newcomer to tourism; the Dodecanese island of Rhodes is a popular option for summer holidays with Greeks and foreigners alike.

Besides a paradise for sunshine lovers, Rhodes offers visitors a plethora of activities and interesting sites, including the medieval Old Town and the Acropolis of Lindos.


You can find our guides to the island of Rhodes here.

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