Thessaloniki Museum Celebrates 60 Years with New Exhibition

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, one of Greece’s largest museums, commemorates its 60th anniversary with a brand new, interactive exhibition.



Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki: 60 Years / 60 Moments

6 Manoli Andronikou
540 13, Thessaloniki
Tel. +30 2313 310201

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki has launched a new exhibition, showcasing important milestones over its 60-year history. The exhibition, which includes nearly 300 exhibits, together with audio-visual material and an interactive area for children, will run until October 31, 2023.

The venerable museum, the oldest and largest museum of its kind in northern Greece, first opened its doors on October 27, 1962. Since then, it has hosted countless temporary exhibitions alongside its permanent collections, highlighting the extraordinary history of Thessaloniki and the wider region of Macedonia. Emblematic exhibitions have showcased objects from groundbreaking archaeological excavations, as well as donations from private collections.


Over the years, museum staff have been at the forefront of archaeological conservation and research, establishing collaborative endeavors with international institutions, and developing educational programs and experimental workshops that have made the history and cultural heritage of the region accessible to all.

This latest exhibition, which celebrates the museum’s 60th anniversary, gathers objects, texts, and interactive displays to create a “living memory map,” connecting not only the past with the present, but the museum to the city of Thessaloniki. The exhibition also features a specially produced short film, which takes visitors on a journey of the museum’s history and development.

One of the most innovative features of the exhibition is an area specially designed for children, with activities including a board game inspired by the 60-year history of the museum. Several interactive applications for handheld devices are also available to visitors.        

The exhibition occupies two galleries of the museum and will be open until October 31, 2023.

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