UK’s Conde Nast Traveller: Where to Visit in Greece in 2021

The international travel publication has recommended one Greek destination for 2021 above all others.

Out of the hundreds upon hundreds of Greek destinations to choose from in 2021, Britain’s Conde Nast Traveller appears to have made a clear choice.

In it’s recently published list of the 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2021, you will notice that only one Greek destination figures on the list.

Yes, we know. The second wave of a global pandemic isn’t exactly the best time to be traveling. But hope never dies (especially with not one, but two vaccines looming on the horizon), and nothing can stop us from dreaming about our summer 2021 holiday destination. And a strong contender for that title is the beautiful city of Hania, Crete.

Hania figures in 5th position in CN Traveller’s top 10 places to visit in Europe in 2021, also making the magazine’s list for top destinations to visit around the world in 2021 – the only Greek destination to do so. Aside from being praised for its beauty, the city is singled out for the quality of its culinary scene which, the travel magazine notes, ranges “from simple seaside cafés to exquisite Cretan fine dining.”

To this we would add that the city’s rich and diverse heritage, which helps give the local cuisine its unique identity. Hania boasts influences from both the Venetian and Ottoman empires: It is sometimes called the “Venice of the East” because of its beauty and architecture, and its food scene comprises traditional Cretan and Near Eastern recipes, as well as a new wave of modern and refined dishes combining the best of new and old.

Beyond the city itself, the wider regional unit (also called Hania) is a rich landscape of gorgeous Cretan countryside, incredible archaeological sites, rugged mountains and mind-blowing beaches. (Check out our guides to the city and the region).

Hania’s duality between tradition and novelty is a trademark of the city, which continues to evolve even as it preserves its authenticity. This dynamism is what has kept Hania moving from strength to strength.

And while the pandemic has thrown a rather large spanner in how we travel this year, the trend for authentic experiences that Hania exemplifies looks only to be strengthened once tourism returns in earnest. We have grown more conscious of the immense value of traveling, now that we know not to take it for granted.

As CN Traveller writes:

“After the colossal earth-shake of the pandemic, what’s certain is that we’re going to be travelling more thoughtfully from hereon in. But perhaps, also, more gleefully. We will appreciate every lingering orange-slice sunset; we will feel every grain as our toes sink into the sand. We’ll think harder about how our journeys affect local communities and do more research into where our money is best spent. And while the way we travel might change, what we want from our precious holidays is, and will always remain, the same.”

We couldn’t agree more, and look forward to shaping a better world through our travels as soon as possible.  

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