Watch: ”Anedousa” Fog Fills Santorini’s Caldera

Few tourists have ever witnessed the event, said to be caused by temperature differences between Santorini's famous volcano and the island itself.

The locals of Santorini experienced a rare phenomenon this morning. A heavy fog, locally known as “anedousa”, rose rapidly from the sea and filled the famous caldera with what looked like smoke – as if the island’s active volcano had suddenly erupted, or as if a cloud had descended and gently blanketed the villages of Oia, Fira and Imerovigli.

In videos on Instagram, the villages resemble those on the mountains of the Greek mainland, hovering above the clouds.

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The curious natural event is said to be caused by temperature differences between the volcano, which is located in the middle of the half-moon-shaped caldera, and Santorini, and normally lasts only for a short time. Locals welcome the fog, as the humidity benefits the farmlands and vineyards.

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