Watch: This Video Will Make You Want to Go Surfing in Greece Immediately

Keros bay on the island of Limnos is the star of the video titled “We are Amphibians.”

“We are amphibians. We live on the water, we live on the land. We outwait the grey and the cold, knowing that soon, we will meet again, with the people of our tribe, at the places we love. Very soon, it will be summer again, as the summer in our hearts.”

The description provided for a new video produced by Surf Club Keros sums up a feeling most of us are desperate to succumb to right now; the hope that’s stirring beneath the frustration and melancholy that comes with lockdown, winter, and long boring evenings in chilly city apartments; the hope that everything is about to change. And it’s true – it will be summer again, and we will soon return to our summer homes by the sea, be it with or without face masks and an evening curfew.

The video moves between grey cityscapes and bright summer scenes from Keros bay, on the island of Limnos, to music that quickens the heart, and somehow makes booking a trip to a surf destination seem like the only right thing to do right now – even if you’ve never surfed a wave in your life.

Keros Bay

Among the many Greek destinations offering organized windsurfing and kitesurfing, the crescent-shaped Keros bay on Limnos is a favorite of many water sports enthusiasts. The popularity of this bay, which is located in a pristine rural area of the island, is partly due to its excellent wind conditions, which make it suitable for experts, beginners, and even kids, alike, but it’s mostly thanks to the combined surf club and glamping facilities there.

You can read more about surfing in Keros bay in our article about Surf Club Keros here.

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