Why Amorgos is Going Viral on Social Media

What does this Cycladic island have to do with an online multiplayer game?

The Cycladic island of Amorgos is enjoying 15 minutes of fame on social media – and it’s not thanks to its enchanting beaches.

The reason is… somewhat more random. Every month, a new meme emerges on Twitter, asking people to Google something. “Why were chainsaws invented?” and “What dinosaur has 5000 teeth?” are questions that have previously gone viral.

The latest meme asks: “Which is the 25th island of Greece?

Looking for the answer, people are heading to Google and typing the phrase “25th island of Greece”, which lands them at the information that Amorgos is the 25th largest out of Greece’s 6000 islands.

This would be the end of it, was it not for the fact that “Amorgos” sounds a bit like “Among Us” – the name of the online social deduction game extremely popular with kids right now, which has led players to reference the meme as an inside joke. As a knock-on effect, the more people are let in on the joke by Googling, more people around the world are also… discovering Amorgos.

This article was first published in Greek on moneyreview.gr.

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