Ergon Mykonos’s Beautiful Creations Capture the Essence of Greece

The innovative brand sublimely blends a minimal aesthetic, traditional greek imagery, high quality materials and subtle pop elements.

Greece is a lot of things: its long history, its multitude of myths, its handicrafts and traditional way of life; Greece is also the summer sun, sea the and carefree spirit of its islands.

Can all of these things fit into a line of clothing? And one that looks both timeless yet contemporary, carefree yet meticulously designed? To judge by the recent collections by Ergon Mykonos, the answer would appear to be a resounding yes.

Designed by Marietta Karpathiou, the founder of the brand, the creations of Ergon Mykonos seamlessly blend classical imagery, contemporary design and subtle-but-fun pop elements creating looks that are at once classic yet fun and unique.

The creations are also more than just a product of clever designs, but also have elements of the country literally woven in to their very fabric. All of the items are handmade using materials that are sourced from artisans around the country. In particular, the high-quality fabrics used are produced by Greek women who still work with traditional looms, thus helping preserve the knowledge and sophisticated techniques that have been handed down over generations.

The 2017 Collections – Inspired by Crete

For 2017 Ergon Mykonos has drawn inspiration from the Minoan civilizations and the myth of the minotaur


The company writes:

“The lines of the designs, the fabrics and the motifs are influenced by the colours, the art and the fashion of the Minoan society, a society that put women in the spotlight. In combination with the contemporary history of Crete, the tradition in homemade fabrics and the worldwide fashion influences, the collection uses handmade fabrics with motifs, colours and patterns that embrace the female figure in a airy, elegant and aristocratic way. The Minoan red-a main element of the palace, the maximal jewellery of the Minoan Queen and the handcrafted belts gave the inspiration for this year’s unique outfits of Ergon Mykonos.”


“The shoe prints are inspired by the mythical monster, Minotaur and become statement items with custom made elements and with a minimal and pop approach.”


“Inspired by the thread that princess Ariadne gave to Theseus to escape the Labyrinth, our Homeware collection follows the aesthetics of Minoan and Cycladic art and presents unique handmade items with their own personality, and with references to Greek history.”

Ergon Mykonos’ products are available at the brand’s concept store in Chora on Mykonos, at exclusive boutiques in Greece and abroad, as well as on the company’s website.

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