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A one-stop source for inside information on what Greece is all about,
showcasing destinations, culture, history, experiences, authenticity and creativity in all its forms,
from the captivating past to the riveting present.

A reference point for discerning travelers who want to delve below
the surface and tourism professionals alike.

An effective print and online medium for advertising products and services,
that reaches out to eclectic readers not just through an attractive,
useful website but also through a wide print distribution network.

This includes major tourist attractions such as the Acropolis Museum and key archaeological sites,
selected hotels, embassies, the Greek National Tourism Organization’s branches around the world,
the Athens International Airport’s Press Point and municipal information bureaus.

GREECE IS magazines are also distributed with the International New York Times
in Greece and Cyprus and to the subscribers of the Sunday Edition of Kathimerini, Greece’s leading newspaper.

GREECE IS publications explore not only destinations but also specific fields of interest for which the country
is renowned, such as Democracy, Gastronomy, Wine, Shipping, the Olympic Games and more.

A team of expert local and international journalists, accomplished authors and scholars, sagacious bloggers
and inquisitive insiders provide valuable, in-depth knowledge, refreshing perspectives and useful, accurate information,
in a colorful and eclectic selection of unique style and content.

GREECE IS looks forward to forging partnerships and sharing its expert knowledge
with tourism professionals looking to enhance their product, advertise their services
or simply join our distribution network. We also welcome
their feedback on how we can get better.

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Your one-stop source for inside information
on what Greece is all about.
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