The New ALFA with Sea Salt: Expect the Unexpected

Inspired by our common land, the new ALFA with sea salt arrives to add a unique flavor to everything we have yet to experience.

The sea, the waves, the sun, the gatherings, and the feasts.
The flavors. The smells.
The images.


It’s all of these shared experiences and memories, all of these moments, that form our common ground. Our bonds.


That’s exactly what the new ALFA is infused with.

A moment of salt.

With an impressive visual identity inspired by the iconic Greek feta cheese tin and the Greek countryside, ALFA with sea salt reminds us of what we have in common.

ALFA with Sea Salt is a golden, refreshing lager beer. ALFA’s authentic taste, combined with aromatic hops, is infused with a pinch of natural sea salt from the Messolonghi salt pans, enhancing its flavor, locality, and authenticity.

Paired best with dishes and recipes that bring out all the freshness and tradition of Greek cuisine, the new ALFA with sea salt enhances all of the moments we share while enjoying it.

True to the brand’s values, the new ALFA with sea salt is here to rekindle memories, emotions, and shared points of reference, creating moments that bring us together. Because the bonds between us are built on what we share.

New ALFA with sea salt.

Inspired by our common land.

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