Klothó, Thread of Time

Timeless creations which join the traditional with the contemporary.

Last summer, Alexandra Theohari started her fashion company, Klothó, creating a timeless collection of clothing and accessories that combines traditions from Crete with contemporary fashion trends.

Originally from the city of Thessaloniki, Theohari was captivated by her grandmother’s weaving workshop in Crete, where she watched her weave everything—from dowry items to wedding gowns.

Between designing her collection and all that comes with running a new business, Theohari has not had much time to learn the art of weaving herself. However, having such an admiration for weaving and a desire to keep it alive, she says she has been trying to learn the craft when she visits different workshops around Crete.

This admiration, she states, is what ultimately led her to found Klothó. The company’s name derives from ancient Greek Mythology; Clotho, the youngest of the Three Fates (the Moirai or Moerae), “spun the thread of human life”, and symbolizes the present.

“Klothó products are made in Greece, using 100% white cotton – which represents the Greek light – using the same traditional Cretan weaving techniques.”

Klothó products are made in Greece, using 100% white cotton – which represents the Greek light – using the same traditional Cretan weaving techniques that Theohari’s grandmother used. It’s not just the designs that are hand-woven; the garments themselves are hand-woven as well. All the fabrics are cut from the loom, and sewn together to create the pieces.

In addition to the simple, white forms in her collection, Theohari also aimed to revive textile patterns that carry the simplicity of classic Greek style.

“I wanted to create unique pieces. I like very minimal lines,” she says. “The simplicity of Greece is my inspiration.”

The collection consists of resort-wear, designed with both Greek and international women in mind. Theohari describes “a modern, sophisticated woman that loves quality and art, and loves art in her clothing,” when she envisions the type of woman wearing her pieces.

Defying the risks of opening a business in the midst of Greece’s financial crisis, Theohari decided to revive her beloved, declining craft, and give a new twist to modern fashion. “It was a dream I’ve had for years, but the weaving was what inspired me. I thought it was worth taking the risk,” she says. “It was very risky in the middle of a crisis. I didn’t know if feedback would be positive, but so far it has been.”

The unique collection is available upon request, in a limited number of copies. as the company makes everything by hand and from scratch, using a thousand-year-old technique.


Website: www.klotho.com.gr

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/klothothreadoftime

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