Ancient Greek Sandals for a Modern Summer Look

A selection of Greek designer sandals for your stylish summer strolls.

Strapped Greek sandals, noted for their simplicity and comfort, have managed to survive and evolve through the centuries thanks to their versatility and wide range of looks. Easy to match with any outfit, they are inspired from the history and harmony of antiquity. Made to last, they’ve traveled from illustrations on amphora to well-pedicured modern feet with sturdiness and style, withstanding the fickleness of fashion.

The smell of soft leather exudes from the modern workshops of Greek sandal makers. From the popular Ancient Greek Sandals (AGS) handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using age-old techniques revived by Christina Martini and Nicolas Minoglou to luxury Greek Di Gaia sandals, beautifully crafted by Elvira Panagiotopoulou.


From the work of Olgianna Melissinos, daughter of the famous leather craftsman, Stavros Melissinos, known for his poetry as much as his leather craftsmanship, to the Glamazons of Nastazia Dariva who began her design-work as an apprentice in her family’s footwear business in Greece. Once, created for the gods, the divinity of this ancient footwear is showcased by Zeus + Dione, a brand named after the parents of the ancient Greek goddess of love, with geometric shapes and minimalist lines to Valia Gabriel’s earthy tones that draw direct inspiration from Ancient Greek designs.

“The smell of soft leather exudes from the modern workshops of Greek sandal makers. ”

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