The Feminine & Bold Jewelry of Christina Soubli

Known for creating jewelry with an ancient filigree technique, Soubli's new collection, to be displayed at Paris Fashion Week, doesn't disappoint.

Christina Soubli’s new collection of jewelry, which is to be presented at Paris Fashion Week later this month (September 29-October 5) consists of handmade, 18-carat gold pieces featuring round and oval shapes and plump precious stones. The designs come as a natural continuation of her delicate line, but they’re also sexy and bold.

Having grown up in a family of jewelers, Soubli attended the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Before arriving at the signature style that now characterizes her jewelry, she experimented with various materials and techniques. However, her latest collections have a clear thread: reinterpreted classical shapes, and, of course, the filigree technique which she introduced in “Dantelles” – a collection of romantic jewelry inspired by lace, adorned with pearls. The new collection is even bolder, featuring statement rings with large gemstones, toe rings and cartilage earrings.

The filigree technique, dating back as far as 1000 BC, was used by Etruscan and Greek goldsmiths. Twisting together fine gold threads to create a spiral pattern, it adds dimension and beauty to simple pieces. Soubli’s designs, inspired by those ancient creations, are delicate and feminine, but also large and eye-catching – with the ability to elevate an outfit out of simple attire.


Christina Soubli Atelier: 5 Neofytou Douka Str., Kolonaki, Athens, Tel.+30 210.722.2653, (+30) 694.463.2717,,

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