Venikos – Championing Greek Wines

An alternative tourism service celebrates the best of the Peloponnese.

Venikos – Alternative Tourism Services” was founded in 2014. From the beginning, one of the goals was contributing towards turning Nemea and all the surrounding area of the Peloponnese into a well-known wine tourism destination.

Starting from the vineyards of Nemea, with the famous indigenous grape variety Agiorgitiko, Nikos Bouzinelos and Dominik Brun have established a network of winemakers, food producers, restaurants and hotels, as well as touristic agencies, all united by the philosophy of a high quality, sustainable and alternative form of tourism.

Based on this growing network, Venikos organizes wine tours for wine-lovers but also wine professionals from Greece and abroad. The wine tours offered are tailor-made to the customer’s requirements. The focus is on modern Greek wine and the innovative winemakers of the region, but always in connection to high-end gastronomy, archaeology and local culture, as well as to the beautiful landscape of the Peloponnese.

Venikos also operates a small guest house in the city of Nemea. “House Venikos” is a cozy bed and breakfast which can accommodate up to six guests. Surrounded by a large garden, it includes an exhibition of all Nemea PDO wines and a sophisticated tasting room, ready to serve up to 20 people.

In collaboration with the oenologist Sophocles Petropoulos, wine seminars are held on a regular basis at House Venikos. Venikos offers its guests a deeper insight into the Greek wine and the indigenous grape varieties. The seminars are dedicated to the local grape Agiorgitiko and its variations, but also to rare Greek grape varieties or the ambassador wines of Greece. Of course, all of them are always enriched with interesting stories from an oenologist or a local winemaker.


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