Coast Guard Closes Emblematic Navagio Beach After Rockfall

The rockfall triggered waves causing several boats to capsize near the beach. Seven people sustained injuries.

The Greek coast guard on Friday closed world-famous Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach on the holiday island of Zakynthos after seven people were injured in a rockfall.

All vessels are banned from approaching the beach, which can only be reached by sea, and from anchoring in the bay until further notice.


The beach is named after a shipwreck lying just a few meters off the coast and is known throughout the world for its tropical-blue bathing waters and scenic white-sand setting.

Seven people were injured on Thursday after a part of the cliff overshadowing the beach gave way. Their injuries were not life-threatening, though a 37-year-old Czech tourist did sustain a spinal injury that will be checked by a specialist in Patra in western Greece.

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