Astypalea Island Opts for Electric Vehicles

A program born from a collaboration between Greek authorities and Volkswagen aims to replace all vehicles on the island of Astypalea with electric ones.

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31 Greek Museums in TripAdvisor’s Top 10%

Greek public museums rank among the best on the popular, review-based travel website.

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Archaeologists Strike Gold in Crete

The excavations of the Archaeological Society at Zominthos in Crete continue to bring to light important findings about the descendants of the Knossos dynasty.

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An Exhibition on Greek Politician and Intellectual Ion Dragoumis

Ion Dragoumis, who was killed in 1920 by political adversaries, is a legendary figure in Greek collective imagination.

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Greece’s First English-Language BA Makes its Grand Debut

Athens University’s School of Philosophy has welcomed the first 28 foreign scholars to join Greece’s first-ever English language undergraduate course at a public university.

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AllForBlue: Champion Diver Fights for Clean Seas

At least 204 tons of trash has been cleaned from the sea to date by the members of environmental organization AllBlue, founded by Katerina Topouzoglou.

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Ancient Silver Coins Returned to Greece from Munich, Zurich

The coins, which were to be auctioned off, are now in the care of the Numismatics Museum of Athens.

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Athens: Luxury Restaurants Deliver to Your Door

The new trend, observed mainly in the southern suburbs of Athens, is in-house dining with dishes delivered by some of the finest restaurants in town.

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