10 Exceptional Monovarietal Greek Olive Oils

These 10 producers have extracted their most precious oil from a single olive variety, capturing intense flavors that reflect their passion and the essence of the Greek landscape.

Following a series of tastings, we chose ten of the most delicious monovarietal olive oils available on the Greek market today. Their flavor captures both the essence of each location and the producers’ dedication. Important to note that, in recent years, olive growers’ harvests have decreased due to climate change and wildfires. As a result, some exceptional monovarietal olive oils are missing from our list due to insufficient production quantities.

Potou Melan premium PDO, Koroneiki variety

Konstantinos Potou, a sixth-generation olive oil producer, created this exceptional PDO virgin olive oil from Kalamata that fully demonstrates the Koroneiki variety’s characteristics. Rich in polyphenols, balanced, and bursting with the distinct aromas of artichoke, pepper, and tomato leaves that define the variety. It goes well with almost everything, but nothing beats a few drops of this fine olive oil on warm sourdough bread with a pinch of salt and fresh oregano.

Elaikos, Thassitiki variety 


Christoforos Roumeliotis and Efrosyni Vatkali produce high-quality, early harvest extra virgin olive oils (early October) at an altitude of 350 meters in Nea Peramos, Kavala. Elaikos, made from Thassitiki olives, is notable for its balance of fruity, spicy, and bitter notes. We are overwhelmed by the aroma of green olives, freshly cut grass, tomato leaves, and nuts, which leaves the palate with a lingering, indescribable freshness. A few drops on grilled prawns provides the ultimate gastronomic experience.

Elaikos, Megaritiki variety 

The Roumeliotis family also produces Elaikos, a fruity and complex extra virgin olive oil of the Megaritiki variety. The aroma of freshly cut grass and flowers draws you in as soon as you open the bottle. Ideal for grilled white fish or calamari, as well as salads with boiled greens.

Ootopia, Manaki variety

The hills above the coastal town of Ermioni in the Peloponnese produce a distinct Manaki olive oil. It’s refined and balanced, with spice and pepper undertones and a red fruit and almond finish. A few drops on a simple green salad, grilled vegetables, or fresh soft cheeses improves the overall experience. I’d drizzle it over a bean and seafood stew, as well as plain warm bread.

Ranis limited edition, Koutsourelia variety

Every year from the end of September to early October, unripe olives of the rare Koutsourelia (or Patrinia variety) are harvested at an altitude of 400 meters at the foot of Mount Erymanthos, yielding a unique olive oil with a strong aromatic profile that includes aromas of wild artichoke, tomato, and fresh herbs. Try it with mushroom risotto or pasta, artichokes a la Polita (a traditional Greek stew with lemon sauce), or grilled vegetables. It’s also ideal for use in chocolate mousse.

8K Premium Organic, Athinolias variety

The number 8K represents the olive tree’s 8,000-year history in the Mediterranean. It is an organic extra virgin olive oil from Monemvasia, Laconia. This oil, grown at an altitude of 300 meters, is particularly refined, maintaining an impeccable balance of bitterness and spiciness, with aromas of freshly cut grass, citrus fruits, tomato, and walnut. It’s delicious with grilled seafood or sprinkled raw on a bean stew, and it goes well with chocolate.

Ages premium Kyklopas, Makris variety  


A distinctive, premium olive oil with a robust and complex flavor profile. It strikes the perfect balance between the sweetness of banana, the freshness of green apple and freshly cut grass, and the spiciness of pepper. Since 1982, the Kelidis family has been producing exceptional extra virgin olive oils from Alexandroupoli’s ancient olive grove of Makris. Th They are a vertical production unit, with olive grove cultivation, olive press processing, and bottling all taking place in their facility. It tastes great in lettuce salads, rich green salads with nuts, or on grilled vegetables, and it’s especially good drizzled raw on warm rustic bread. 

Marmaro, agoureleo from Halkidi green olive variety 

An exceptional, characterful extra virgin olive oil from Halkidiki. It is produced by agronomist Dimitris Garofallos from Poligiros, from handpicked, unripe olives. It is high in antioxidants and pairs well with potato salads and grilled seafood. 

Efkrato, Tsounatis variety

Efkrato is an excellent organic extra virgin olive oil with a health claim for its high polyphenol content. It has exquisite aromas of green fruits, artichoke, freshly cut grass, cinnamon, and almonds. It is made from Tsounati olives grown using biodynamic and regenerative agriculture methods that are more rigorous than organic farming. With a lingering aftertaste and a freshness that revitalizes the palate, I would serve it raw with grilled prawns, delicate fish, and vegetable soups.

Cultura, Horaitiki variety

Produced by Lamprini Tsitsou and Jonnek Jonnekson, this rare and exceptional extra virgin olive oil is made from Horaïtikes, the ancient, rain-fed olive trees of mountainous Arcadia. High in polyphenols, it has a strong flavor and aroma with a bitter emphasis. Its aromas of radish and tomato are intoxicating; it is delicious in green and tomato salads, as well as in legume dishes and stews.

This article was previously published in Greek at gastronomos.gr.


Most monovarietal olive oils can be found in delicatessens, olive oil stores, and online stores: Maison d’Olive (7-9 Xanthippou, Kolonaki, Tel. (+30) 211.735.3912), Olive Epitome (56 Dionysiou Solomou, Nea Ionia, Tel. (+30) 210.300.3934), The Olivest (e-shop heolivest.com, Tel. (+30) 211.735.4822), Olicatessen (4 Victoros Ougko, Ano Ladadika and at Modiano Market, Thessaloniki, Tel. (+30) 23130.302.86), and others; prices range from 20 to 40 € per 500 ml.

Tastings took place at Maison d’Olive, with the invaluable assistance of Mrs. Areti Sougari, and at the Kalamata Olive Oil Taste Laboratory, University of Peloponnese.

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