Activity Tourism: “Pick and Do” Something Different

Kayaking, diving, cooking, skydiving, sailing, biking and hiking... These are just a few of the activities you can book through travel platform Pick and Do.

The days when the activities you could expect to enjoy on holiday in Greece were limited to sunbathing, swimming and sightseeing are long in the past. Today, all around the country, enterprises new and established are offering an ever greater range of experiences, making the most of Greece’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. These include every adrenaline-inducing sport imaginable, as well as other activities such as yoga, cooking classes and tasting sessions.

This development is very much driven by demand; while sightseeing is definitely still on most traveler’s check lists for their holiday, so too is doing something fun that they don’t normally do at home. According to Google, the search term “sailing Greece” is not far behind “acropolis Greece”, for example.

If you already know you want to spend your holiday in Greece, but not exactly where, why not choose the final destination based on the fun stuff you want to do? Pick and Do, a travel platform which was launched in June 2017, allows you to search for the activity you are interested in, and then presents you with a list of destinations that offer that activity.

It is focused mainly on outdoor activities, of which Greece has a multitude of options. Every activity and tour in Greece does not show up, but rather a carefully curated selection. A quick search for “hiking”, for example, generates 13 options which have been chosen by the site’s team of traveling experts. Of course, you can also search for activities near your preferred destination, or even find them all on an interactive map.

Working together with some of the most respected tour and travel companies in Greece, but also with small Greek alternative tourism businesses that need help reaching a wider audience digitally, Pick and Do finds all kinds of activities, from mushroom picking, to yoga, to extreme sports, and makes them available to you through direct online booking.

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