Who will Save Amphipolis?

A Greek company released an educational board game based on the archaeological discoveries at Amphipolis

A team of archaeologists are scrambling to rescue the precious artifacts found inside the Amphipolis Tomb in northern Greece, which dates to the era of Alexander the Great, as the site is threatened by landslides. Will the archaeologists have enough time to save the treasures?

Calm down: This is the plot of a new board game. “We believe the game has educational and pedagogical value,” says Christos Tzafolias, marketing director of Desyllas Games, the company behind “Amphipolis.”


The idea arose due to the growing popular interest in the excavation, Tzafolias said, although reports from the site were not always free of controversy.

The designer of the game is Reiner Knizia, best known for the board game “The Lord of the Rings,” which puts players in the roles of hobbits in a classic tale of good versus evil, while the Greek company was responsible for the illustration, the material and the production, Tzafolias said.

The game requires four players of at least 10 years old. The aim is to collect as many important items – amphorae, mosaics and statues – as they can before the gate to the tomb collapses. There is neither dice nor timer and the game is designed for the whole family.

The board game hit the shelves before Christmas and is also available elsewhere in Europe and in the United States.

“Every time there is some news about Amphipolis, sales pick up,” Tzafolias said.

* Originally published in ekathimerini.com

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