Athens’ Historic Lycabettus Theater Reopens with Stavros Xarchakos Concert

Proceeds from tonight's concert by Stavros Xarchakos at the newly refurbished Lycabettus Theater will go to those affected by the floods in Thessaly.

The Municipality of Athens has announced that all proceeds from the concert by legendary Greek composer, Stavros Xarchakos, at the Lybabettus Theater on September 15, will be donated to the people affected by the catastrophic floods in Thessaly.

The newly refurbished theater in the heart of Athens is reopening for the first time after 15 years, following extensive renovation works according to the highest European standards, including the latest safety features. Theater organizers have also announced the upcoming events program, spanning all musical genres, which marks the beginning of a new era for the historic venue.


Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis has described the importance of restoring Athens’ cultural landmarks in a video filmed inside the iconic theater.

As part of the recent renovation works, more than 200,000 kilos of new metal construction material was used to replaced time-worn sections, restoring the transparent frame of the cavea, with the columns being internally reinforced in order to fully preserve the original façade of the listed monument, designed in 1965 by the pioneering architect, Takis Zenetos.

The original 3,850 plastic seats have been removed and replaced with 3,950-seat wooden benches, ready to welcome spectators – not only those who will return to its legendary grandstands for the first time in 15 years, but also visitors from a whole new generation.


In total, the newly refurbished theatre will be able to host events with 6,000 spectators (seated and standing).

All renovations on the historic theater were made in strict accordance with the restoration study, approved by the Central Council of Modern Monuments, and prescribed in the building permit.

Emulating the infrastructure of modern theaters in other major European cities, the upgraded electromechanical works included a new fire fighting network and fire detection system, a new fiber optic network for the control of all points by central units, as well as new wiring for the lighting, sound, data and security systems.

Restricting Traffic

The Municipality of Athens is proceeding at the same time with a major regeneration projects of the Lycabettus Hill.

In this context, and with respect to the area and its residents, the approach by car to the theater’s parking lot for the days and hours of the events will only be allowed for people with disabilities, those over 60 years old, and for boarding/disembarking taxis.


Let the new era of the Lycabettus Theater begin with a walk in the beautiful greenery of our beloved hill.

This year’s program at the Lycabettus Theater continues until mid-October.

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