CNN Lists Thessaloniki Among Best Destinations for 2023

Yet another article names Thessaloniki one of Europe's best city-break destinations.

More and more tourists are finding their way to Thessaloniki, and we know why: because every time we visit, it’s better. To illustrate, the restaurant scene, arguably Greece’s most interesting, is ever evolving; the upgraded port is now a designated homeport for cruise ships and runs ferry services to several new islands in the Sporades and Cyclades, and even a summer-season route to Izmir; and the newly reopened Modiano market, a historic landmark now boasting brand new shops and eateries, is expected to receive 4 million visitors over its first year alone.

Confirming what we already know is CNN’s list of the best places to visit this year, which sees Thessaloniki as the eighth destination among 23 worldwide. The motivation mentions the exciting food scene of course, as well as the Modiano market, but also the combination of beaches and nearby mountains, as well as the long-awaited new metro system which is expected to finally open this year, connecting the airport to the city center: “Driverless trains will whisk passengers through tunnels whose excavation has added to Thessaloniki’s already rich catalog of archeological discoveries, many of which will be on display in specially created museum stations.”


Thessaloniki also made our list of places to visit and experiences to have in Greece in 2023. Check out what other destinations made our list here.

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