Compromise Reached to Protect Ancient Mass Grave in Southern Athens

The necropolis, which was discovered in 2016, will be removed from the Faliro site temporarily, as exposure to the elements is causing damage, experts say.

The mass grave of 79 young men with shackles around their wrists from the 7th century BC that was discovered on Athens’ southern coast in 2016 will be removed temporarily so the site can be secured.

The decision by the Central Archaeological Council is seen as a compromise between calls for the bones to be removed from the location and those who want the site to remain intact pending further investigation.


The former point to exposure to the elements, with experts saying that the remains have sustained significant damage since their discovery in 2016 as a result of the weather and soil conditions at the seaside location. 

According to the plan, the necropolis will be removed in blocks that will be returned once the site has been investigated and secured.

The remains are thought to have belonged to victims of mass executions in a power struggle for control of Athens.

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