Extras Needed for Banderas Film in Thessaloniki

While the audience will be made to believe that action thriller "Barracuda" is set in Miami, the actual filming will take place in Thessaloniki this summer.

The northern port city of Thessaloniki will portray the seaside American city of Miami, Florida in a new action thriller “Barracuda,” starring Antonio Banderas.

 “It will be a film that will not show Thessaloniki and Greece but the conditions and infrastructure will become Miami,” Greek production director Dimitris Kampas told EFE of the 20-million-euro project.


The film is set in the Sunshine State and is about a former criminal who has to confront his own people to save a young girl. Filming will run for five weeks from June 28, while producers are looking for some 1,000 extras. Prospective extras can contact the production team at [email protected].

“All body types, all ages, all backgrounds are needed. So far we are doing well, while the most difficult issue for the time being is the supporting actors of Asian origin! However, we believe that we will eventually be covered there as well,” Kampas said. 

This article was previously published at ekathimerini.com.

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