Greece Among the Top Vacation Destinations for Long-Haul Travelers

According to the Long-Haul Travel Barometer (LHTB), the latest survey conducted by the European Travel Commission and Eurail BV, Greece is among the top vacation destinations for long-haul travelers.

Overseas markets such as those of the USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia, China, Japan and Korea, from which flights to Greece exceed 10 hours, offer scope for considerable further development of Greece’s tourism industry.

Most of these travelers belong to higher income groups and their per capita daily spend while traveling is usually considerably higher than that of other nationalities, such as those from Europe’s major markets – Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, which together constitute the backbone of Greece’s tourism industry.


This is according to the Long-Haul Travel Barometer (LHTB), the latest survey conducted by the European Travel Commission and Eurail BV, which involved a large sample of respondents from these overseas markets regarding their travel intentions in 2024.

This survey indicates that, in terms of intended destinations, Greece is fifth – together with Austria – among Americans and Australians who intend to travel to Europe this summer, sixth among Canadians, seventh among Brazilians and South Koreans, ninth among Japanese and tenth among Chinese. Taken together, these markets have a far larger population than that of Europe and can potentially lead to a new period of growth and higher revenues for Greece’s tourism sector. In all these markets, 38% of the respondents stated that they are willing to spend more than €200 per day, double the average per capita daily spend of visitors that was recorded in Greece in 2023.

According to the survey, the three main factors that can tip the scales in favor of a destination are safety, the quality of facilities and competitive prices. Among those surveyed in the above-listed seven overseas markets who intend to travel abroad in 2024, 75% plan to visit Europe and the remaining 25% are considering other regions. Greece continues to remain among the top 10 destinations for travelers and, in some cases, it ranks higher. Those choosing not to travel to Europe this year cite as the main reasons for their decision the war in the Ukraine; the tensions that exist in the Middle East; the fact that they have visited Europe in the past and want to visit other regions instead; and the high cost of air travel and limited vacation time.

For those wishing to visit Europe this year, safety is the main factor that will affect their decision; 45% of respondents state that they give priority to destinations that offer safety. Superior tourism infrastructure – namely, good hotels – comes second, with 38% of the respondents considering this to be a determining factor. Famous landmarks (archaeological or otherwise) and attractions and low-cost services also play an important role, as 35% of those traveling abroad regard this as a significant aspect. Pleasant weather conditions also play a key role in a traveler’s decision, with 31% of those surveyed considering these to be crucial. Many of the respondents stated that they prefer destinations that preserve their natural and cultural heritage (33% and 32% respectively), stating they consider this an important factor in their decision-making. This trend suggests that travelers prefer destinations that maintain their authenticity.

The Long-Haul Barometer survey concludes that the US continues to stand out as the primary international market not just for Europe – contributing 5.4% of the total visitors to the continent in 2023 – but for Greece as well, the European travel destination currently ranking fifth among American tourists. What’s more, the end of 2023 saw a further increase in overall consumer confidence in the US, which means that expectations for travel originating from this market remain positive.

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