Greece Found Among Top Countries in the World for Adventurers

After more than two years of hardly any traveling, adventure seekers can find plenty of stimulation in Greece, ranked as the world’s 12th best outdoor hotspots.

For true nature and outdoor sports fans, it will come as no surprise at all that Greece was recently found to be one of the best countries in the world for an outdoor adventure. While the country may not have the biggest waves or the most famous rock walls for climbing, it boasts an astounding amount of outdoor activity options for such a small country.

In the study, conducted by British clothing company Superdry, 99 countries from around the world were reviewed in order to crown the world’s top outdoor adventure hotspots. The researchers looked at large amounts of data available online, travel portals and social media, in order to reveal which countries have the highest number of activities available per mile, including hiking, camping, surfing, sky diving, rock climbing, and kayaking, as well as the number of national parks.

While many might have expected to find destinations such as “wild” Australia or the USA at the top of the list, it was smaller countries that stood out for boasting the most adventure opportunities. More specifically, Europe beat the other continents by a landslide, with 18 European nations appearing in the top 25. Croatia got the highest score of all. Australia ranked as the best country in the world for camping, a category put together based on Instagram hashtags, but its overall score didn’t put it in the top 25. In Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore scored exceptionally well for both hikes and national parks. USA wasn’t listed.

Greece, with its wonderful beaches popular with surfers, where you can often both go kayaking, rock climb and camp overnight as well, ranked as the 12th best country in the world.

Of course, not all options for outdoor adventures were accounted for in the study. Winter sports were oddly missing, likely lowering the scores of countries such as Austria and Switzerland. So was diving, which could otherwise very well have pushed Greece even higher up on the list, thanks to the high number of scuba diving sites in the country, featuring everything from deepwater caves to coral reefs, big wall drop-offs and ancient wrecks.

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