Greece Offers Europe’s Most Affordable Skiing Holidays

A skiing holiday in Greece has a lot to offer, and as an added bonus it won't break the bank, a recent study found.

While white mountain peaks and ski lifts are likely not the first things that come to mind when you think of holidays in Greece, in fact, the country boasts a large number of ski resorts, many of which feature top-class facilities. From December through March, many Greeks make a habit of driving up the mountains on the weekends, for fun on the slopes. Meanwhile, few tourists have found their way here. 

Germany-based travel booking company Holidu recently found Greece to be the most affordable destination for skiing in Europe. One example, the ski center at the resort of Vasilitsa between Ioannina and Grevena, was noted to charge an average of just 36 euros per person per day, including a ski card and accommodation. Compared to the most expensive resort in Europe, Zermatt in Switzerland, which charges an average of 248 per person per day for a ski card plus accommodation, the price at Vasilitsa seems almost too good to be true.


You can find our guide to all of Greece’s most popular ski resorts here.


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