Greece and Turkey to Cooperate on Tourism

Tourism ministers Kikilias and Mehmet Nuri Ersoy both expressed their wish to increase cooperation between the two countries at the 9th Turkey-Greece Tourism Forum.

“We live in sensitive times, which are occasionally difficult, but we must all agree that tourism and travel is the framework in which we can and shall be able to work together even better and cooperate,” Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Wednesday, while addressing the 9th Turkey-Greece Tourism Forum and the 4th Joint Committee on Tourism that are taking place in the Turkish city of Izmir on November 17-18.

He welcomed the fact that the joint committee and forum were meeting again in a constructive way after 10 years and said that Greece’s goal was to increase the number of cities and islands that are linked by ferries.

“If I had to prioritize our goals based on the pandemic and respect for health and hygiene protocols — where both countries have made significant strides in this direction by strengthening their national health systems — it would be to reduce bureaucracy and facilitate travel from Turkey to Greece but also from Greece to Turkey,” Kikilias said.

He said that visitors from Turkey were “welcome, quality tourists” and that Greece wanted to increase the tourist flow from Turkey.

Kikilias referred to the delegation accompanying him to Izmir, noting that he was a “practical person” and had brought technocrats, professionals and airline company executives to cooperate with the Turkish side “so that we have a quantifiable result.”

Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy referred to the importance of developing cooperation between the two countries in tourism and the benefits this will bring for their relations, as well as the significance of a temporary visa and how useful this will be for Turkish travelers to the Greek islands.

He also expressed a desire to increase ferry and air links between the two countries, adding that the two sides of the Aegean lend themselves to cooperation and the development of the cruise sector, as well as for joint tourist packages, in response to the modern trend where travelers from distant countries wish to combine destinations.

The event ended with the signing of a memorandum of cooperation in tourism issues between the two countries. [AMNA]

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