Heptapolis – Three Future Cities Inspired by Ancient Greece

Inspired by the spirit of classical Greece, the Olympus Association unveils digital simulations of three new cities in the area of Delphi.

An ambitious plan to construct three new cities in the area of ​​Delphi in central Greece, with references to ancient Greek and modern architecture, has been presented at the Zappeion Megaro in Athens.

The plan, called “Heptapolis – Trilogy, the Vision of Delphi,” is the initiative of the Olympus – World Intellectual Center, an association of Greek and international academics, scientists and artists, founded in 1984. The Association aspires to make Greece a global center for the arts, letters, sciences and technology.

3D digital simulations of the three cities have been completed and are available to view, with accompanying descriptions in Greek and English, on the Association’s website: www.heptapolis.com.

The first city of the trilogy is “Heptapolis – International Green City,” followed by the “Delphic Amphictyony of Earth & Space,” which would work on the standards of Silicon Valley in the USA, and “City of Chrysis Tomis,” which would function as a Library of Ancient Greek Writing. The whole plan, according to the Association, is based on the seven Pythagorean circles.

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