Important that Tourists Have the Right Paperwork on Ferries

To board a ferry for the Greek islands, you need a vaccination certificate, a negative Covid-19 test result, or proof of recovery.

More than 4,500 local and foreign tourists have been stopped from boarding ferries to the Greek islands in the last week because they did not have the necessary Covid documents, newspaper Kathimerini reported to Shipping Minister Yiannis Plakiotakis saying. 

The Greek coast guard was brought in to assist the port authorities in the checks as tourists board ferries for the islands on July 13, after the recent surge in Covid-19 cases. 

“The checks by coast guard officials are strict and they are executed with speed and efficiency,” the minister, who visited the Port of Piraeus on Friday, was quoted saying. “Once again I ask for passengers’ cooperation. They should be at the port one and a half hour before their ship departures, with the necessary documentation, and comply with the safety measures in place during their trip.”

What is required?

In order to travel to the Greek islands by ferry, you need to present one of the following:

  • A full vaccination certificate (valid once 14 days have passed vaccination completion).
  • The negative result of PCR test carried out up to 72 hours before departure, or the negative result of rapid test carried out up to 48 hours before departure.
  • Official confirmation of Covid-19 infection issued 30 days after a positive test (valid for 180 days).

Children aged 12-17 years old also have the option to present the negative result of a Covid-19 self-test carried out up to 24 hours before departure, while children under the age of 12 are exempt from the negative Covid-19 test requirement.

Passengers will also need to fill out a health statement form, available from ticket providers and here.

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