International Media Buzz Around Naxos and the Lesser Cyclades

The Greek islands of Naxos and the Lesser Cyclades shine in the global spotlight, as international media outlets sing their praises ahead of the summer tourist season.

Step aside Santorini, move over Mykonos – there’s a new set of stars twinkling in the Aegean sky, and they go by the names of Naxos and the Lesser Cyclades. As the sun-kissed summer season approaches, foreign media are buzzing with excitement, shining a spotlight on these lesser-known island gems.

Donoussa, a petite jewel nestled in the small group of islands known as the Lesser Cyclades (otherwise known as the “Small Cyclades”), has claimed top billing at the summit of wanderlust dreams. The annual list unveiled by the popular Italian website has crowned Donoussa as the top pick among Greece’s “13 island treasures,” as reported by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency. With its untouched beauty and serene charm, it’s no wonder this pristine paradise has captured the hearts of travelers worldwide.

But Donoussa isn’t alone in stealing the limelight. Sharing the podium are the enchanting Koufonisia islands, beckoning adventurers with promises of secluded coves and crystalline waters. Together, they form a triumphant trio of islands that showcases the allure of the Lesser Cyclades in all their splendor.

Meanwhile, Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades, stands tall as a beacon of history, culture, and natural beauty. National Geographic has bestowed upon it the prestigious title of one of the best islands for 2024, noting that the “white marbles, ancient temples, and gigantic Kouros statues are ‘witnesses’ to the island’s rich tapestry of Greek mythology and history.” 


The Times, in an extensive feature, sings Naxos’ praises, declaring that the island “has it all, from ancient history and epic beaches to picturesque villages and a gastronomic culture that is unique throughout Greece.”

But the accolades don’t end there. The island of Iraklia, a hidden gem in its own right, has also received international recognition. According to German website, this island paradise reigns supreme among its seven ideal Greek destinations for tranquil escapes amidst nature’s warm embrace.

As Greek Easter approaches and the tourism season beckons, optimism fills the air. Naxos, with its magnetic charm, continues to draw visitors from far and wide, reaffirming its status as a must-visit destination.

Vangelis Katsaras, the Deputy Mayor of Tourism for Naxos and the Lesser Cyclades, exudes confidence in the region’s potential, highlighting ongoing efforts to bolster its presence on both national and international platforms. “Both during the previous long weekends and throughout the Catholic/Western Easter, Naxos has been a magnet for tourists from Greece and abroad. There is optimism for the dynamic of our destinations ahead of the Greek Easter and the upcoming tourist season,” he says.

So, as you plan your next escape, consider veering off the beaten path and discovering the hidden treasures of Naxos and the Lesser Cyclades. With each whisper of the wind and each ripple of the sea, you’ll uncover a piece of Greece’s soul, waiting to be embraced by the adventurous traveler.


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