Le Point: A Tribute to “Undiscovered” Greek Destinations

As tourism reopens on May 14, France's popular magazine "Le Point" recommends ten lesser known Greek destinations for travelers to explore.

A six-page tribute to “undiscovered” destinations in Greece under the title “Greece without the Cyclades (or almost)” (“La Grèce sans les Cyclades (ou presque)”) has appeared in the latest issue (May 6, 2021) of France’s largest weekly political-economic magazine “Le Point.”

The tribute was produced with the support of the Greek National Tourist Organization (GNTO) France service in view of the official start of the tourist season in Greece on May 14.


The article encourages readers to visit ten lesser known Greek regions to discerning French travelers, presenting the features that make them attractive and special.

“As the country ‘opens’ again, these are ten ways to return to the deep Greek blue, daring to visit well-hidden destinations,” they note.

In particular, they propose:

1. Searching for charming aspects of architectural modernism, as reflected in an interwar winery in the Western Peloponnese, which has been converted into a modern hotel.


2. Visiting the island of Kefalonia, the setting of many novels by the renowned Greek-born Swiss-French writer Albert Cohen.

3. Touring the Messinian mainland with olive groves, medieval towers and excellent local cuisine.

4. Walking around Thessaloniki, with its famous Byzantine and Ottoman-era monuments, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as its unique gastronomy.

5. Becoming acquainted with the musical tradition of “rebetiko” in Syros.

6. Hiking along the trails and enjoying the authentic scenery of Zagorohoria in Epirus.


7. Soaking up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Halkidiki.

8. Strolling around Exarchia, the “edgy” yet charming neighborhood of Athens, with its artistic vibe.

9. Exploring the paths, villages and natural beauty of Halki island.


10. Discovering Hydra, where the great songwriter Leonard Cohen lived and created an important part of his work.

The tribute is accompanied by rich photographic material and a wealth of useful information about the respective destinations, which the GNTO France service provided to the editorial team of the magazine.

This article was first published in Greek on moneyreview.gr

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