New Annual Conference to Pick Brains of Greek Execs Abroad

“The Greeks are Back” initiative seeks to improve the country's attractiveness to investors by drawing on the expertise of Greek executives abroad.

“The Greeks Are Back” is a new initiative launched on Wednesday, with a conference as its centerpiece.

In the event, which organizers hope to make an annual fixture, Greek senior executives working abroad will discuss and put forward specific proposals for improving Greece’s attractiveness as an investment destination.


The first Greeks Are Back conference is scheduled for October 21 next year.

The objectives of the new initiative are to provide the Greek state with direct knowledge of how the leadership of multinational companies evaluate Greece’s policies to attract foreign investment; to enable Greece to adopt the best practices of other countries in attracting foreign investment, through the knowledge and know-how of Greek senior executives working abroad; to enable the state to mobilize Greek senior executives abroad and provide them with the appropriate policies and tools to promote Greece within their companies as an investment destination; and to enable Greek senior executives of multinational companies abroad to submit policy proposals to the state.

“Hundreds of Greeks excel in senior positions in large multinational companies around the world. These are experienced executives, with deep international knowledge and experience who are eager to put their knowledge and experience at the disposal of Greece,” said Andreas Yannopoulos, CEO of organizer Public Affairs & Networks.

“The Greeks Are Back conference will draw on this expertise to contribute to the production of effective public policies for attracting foreign investment in Greece.”

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