Study Ready for Restoring and Opening Ancient Amphipolis Tomb

The planned restoration will see the return of some of the tomb's decorative elements to their original place, before the site is opened to the public.

The Culture Ministry’s Directorate for the Restoration of Ancient Monuments is due to submit the first architectural study carried out for the Amphipolis Tomb, discovered on Kasta Hill in Central Macedonia in 2012.

The study seeks to reunite elements of the massive 4th century BC tumulus that are on display at the Museum of Amphipolis – including the head of one of two marble sphinxes that guard the tomb’s entrance – and to open the fascinating site to the public, initially for small groups.

During a recent visit to the site, Culture Minister Lina Mendoni also said that several hundred fragments scattered around the surrounding area will also be reunited with the original structure as part of the restoration plan.

Archaeologists have yet to confirm who was buried in the tomb, following the dismissal of initial speculation that, due to its large size and complex construction, it may have been the final resting place of Alexander the Great.

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