The Telegraph Picked Their 15 Favorite Greek Islands

Are you ready to decide which island you’ll be visiting first after the pandemic?

Travel journalists are in a bit of a dilemma; Do we continue to write stories about destinations to visit once the pandemic is over, or do we keep the conversation restricted to less stimulating things, like the future of staycations and travel safety protocols? At this point, are we basically just attempting to pour more sand into an already overflowing beach bucket(list)?

That said, there can probably never be too much reporting on the Greek islands. We know for certain that these enduring European vacation destinations will be there waiting for us when we can travel again, and we’re about ready to get to work on our island-hopping itineraries.


British newspaper The Telegraph seems to agree, recently publishing a list of their favorite Greek islands in 15 categories.

Greece’s archipelago has been a major tourist draw since the sixties for a reason: its diversity. With over a hundred inhabited islands, each with a different personality, there’s one for you to fall in love with regardless of your age, budget, and interests.

In the list published by The Telegraph, you can find one that suits you, whether you’re looking for the best island for water sports, for families, or for a dose of culture.

Some of the islands on the list are expected, like Mykonos, which was named “Best for swanky hotels”, and Rhodes – where British tourists have been partying like its 1999 since… well before 1999 – which was dubbed “Best for nightlife”.

Other destinations are more surprising, like Tinos, which was named “Best for otherworldly landscapes” (we adore Tinos, but we might have named Milos in this category).

Koufonisi took home the title “Best for peace and quiet,” described as a castaway dream. We would add that, as the summers here have gotten increasingly busy the last few years, the best time to experience serenity here is in the off-peak period. (For more places where you can go and find calm, check out our article Greece’s Tiny Islands: 14 Fun Sized Summer Paradises, or some of the destinations in our selection of 20 Alternative Greek Islands).

In the “Best for couples” category, The Telegraph made Santorini step aside for Symi. Quite right, we say. The sunset may be better from Oia, but the colorful port of Symi has definitely been working magic on influencer couples’ Instagram feeds lately.


Santorini was named “Best for views” instead, with a note that the view of Santorini from the sea as you arrive is just as spectacular as that from the island itself, looking over the caldera.

Here are all the islands in The Telegraph’s list:

Best for beaches: Zakynthos


Best for families: Corfu

Best for history and culture: Delos

Best for swanky hotels: Mykonos

Best for food: Crete

Best for peace and quiet: Koufonisia

Best for otherworldly landscapes: Tinos

Best for hiking: Andros

Best for couples: Symi

Best for the mind: Skyros 

Best for traditional island life: Karpathos

Best for villas (and monasteries): Skopelos

Best for views: Santorini

Best for nightlife: Rhodes

Best for watersports: Lefkada

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