Video: Ikaria’s ‘Blue Zone’ Longevity in a Chanel Bottle

A new advert by Chanel is stirring ode to the Greek island's beauty and natural wealth.

In Blue Serum, a new anti-aging beauty product, Chanel has blended three so-called “longevity ingredients”, one of which is lentisk (mastic) from the northern Aegean island of Ikaria.

The product name and concept is inspired by the Blue Zones – Okinawa in Japan, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy and Ikaria in Greece, all identified by researchers since 2012 as places where local populations tend to live to very advanced ages.


The ad released by Chanel is an ode to Greek sun, sea, and wild rocky seascapes suggestive of summer freedom and deep immersion in wild natural glory.

The sun is in everything here,” the narrator says. “The soil, the plants, and it is in this tree, the lentisk. People harvest lentisk here for its unique regenerative power – it’s something special. Some call it a mystery, it’s just life. Maybe that’s why people here live longer.”

Of course whether Chanel’s Blue Serum itself actually does much to forestall the ravages of time remains to be seem.

Yet the ad is nevertheless a reminder that some beauty is indeed, timeless.

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