Watch Today: Dior Presents Documentary about Greek-Inspired Collection

Follow along as one of the world’s biggest fashion houses travels through Greece to create an unforgettable collection, and show.

“The Greek Bar Jacket,” a film by award-winning director Marianna Economou, premieres on YouTube today.

The documentary follows the Dior team, led by artistic director Maria Grazia Curie, from Paris to Argos, Soufli, Thassos, Piraeus and Athens, as they create the iconic Cruise 2022 collection, inspired by ancient and modern Greece, in cooperation with local creatives. The culmination is the spectacular Dior Cruise 2022 show at the ancient Kallimarmaro stadium, which drew the attention of everyone in the fashion world last summer.


Traveling through Greece, the team works with silk producers, weavers, hat producers, and more. In Argos, Curie works with expert on Greek traditional clothing, Aris Tzonevrakis, to create a remake of Christian Dior’s legendary Bar Jacket, featuring Greek folk patterns.

While the Paris and Athens live premieres of the documentary have been cancelled due to the pandemic, it will instead be live streamed to a worldwide audience on Dior’s official YouTube channel, premiering at 17:00 today (Greek time). Return here to watch it.

Until then, you can watch Dior’s show at Kallimarmaro here.

Sources: Dior, Kathimerini

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